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Romantic things to do in Amsterdam

Romantic things to do in Amsterdam Looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway or date in Amsterdam? We’ve put together th...

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Romantic things to do in Amsterdam

Romantic things to do in Amsterdam

Looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway or date in Amsterdam? We’ve put together the following list of exciting, glamorous and adventurous couple orientated activities in the city.

Dinner At Michelin Star Restaurant - There are over 40 michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam, many of which are attached to the city’s most luxurious hotels such as the InterContinental Amstel, Hotel Okura and Hotel d’Europe. It is always advisable to book ahead before heading over to these classy establishments, as their menus, service and ambience put them in high demand.

Take A Candlelight Cruise Through Amsterdam’s Canal Belt - For obvious reasons, Amsterdam’s canals are famously romantic and experiencing these iconic waterways by boat is a must for any couple visiting the city. For a truly memorable date night, it is possible to enjoy a candlelight dinner on the canals and book a table on one of the many floating restaurants that cruise through the city every evening.

Explore Amsterdam on a Tandem Bicycle - Cycling is the main the mode of transportation in Amsterdam and the city is blessed with a large network of well-kept bike lanes that are exceptionally easy to navigate. Instead of going it alone, couples in Amsterdam can hire tandem bikes from a number of rental stores throughout the city and explore its charming centre whilst riding together.

Geek Out at TonTon Club Centrum - Gamers in Amsterdam should definitely check out TonTon Club Centrum, as this massive arcade features a large collection of coin-op machines that hark back to the glory years of 1990s gaming. Whilst this might seem a niche choice for a date night, it is worth noting that many of TonTon Club’s machines are two player, including retro classics like Time Crisis, Bishi Bashi Special and Dance Dance Revolution.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) is known everywhere as the land of windmills, canals, and tulips, and today's visitors certainly will find these among its many tourist attractions. But along with the breathtaking gardens and picturesque villages, they'll also find a vibrant capital filled with museums showcasing the country's rich heritage of artists (think Rembrandt and Van Gogh).

Jordaan and Amsterdam's Canals - 

Canals are as much a part of Amsterdam's cityscapes - and charm - as the are in Venice, and some of the most enduring memories of any visit are of time spent exploring the city's wonderful waterways.

Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam - 
The Anne Frank Museum is a must-see when in Amsterdam. On Prinsengracht, in the home where Anne's family hid for much of WWII (they were Jewish refugees from Frankfurt), is where this remarkable girl wrote her famous diary.

Hoge Veluwe National Park - 
You may be surprised to learn that the Netherlands, a relatively small country, boasts one of the world's most diverse national park programs. The largest is Hoge Veluwe National Park, between Arnhem and Apeldoorn. Covering nearly 13,800 acres, this national park is the largest continuous nature reserve in the country, as well as being one of the most popular day trip destinations for locals and visitors alike.

Historic Valkenburg - 
For those looking for a little ancient history, the Netherlands is not without its own medieval (and earlier) attractions. Romantic little Valkenburg, in the picturesque Geul Valley, boasts the country's only hilltop castle. Long a popular holiday resort, the town's other big draws are its many caves and the spa facilities at Thermae 2000, one of the largest such establishments in the Netherlands.

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - 
The spectacular Rijksmuseum (aka the Dutch National Museum) in Amsterdam has been collecting rare art and antiquities since 1809. Not surprisingly, its extensive collection today amounts to nearly seven million works of art, including 5,000 paintings in more than 250 rooms, as well as a vast library with some 35,000 books. Apart from its unique collection of old masters, it offers an exhaustive account of the development of art and culture in the Netherlands and is especially rich in traditional Dutch handicrafts, medieval sculpture, and modern art.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Most Romantic Places to Propose in Toronto

Most Romantic Places to Propose in Toronto

So, you’re ready to take the first step in your wedding journey: planning the marriage proposal. After you’ve found that perfect piece of bling and have set a date, all that’s left to do is explore the best places to propose in Toronto. Luckily, the city is brimming with beautiful spots with just the right amount of romance. Then all you have to do is grab your sweetheart and muster up a little bit of confidence.

Here are the most romantic places to propose in Toronto.

Harbourfront’s Toronto Music Garden - Toronto’s Harbourfront offers beautiful views of Lake Ontario, the marinas, and the Toronto Islands. Beyond the boardwalks lined with ice cream stands and the weekenders picnicking or sunbathing, the Toronto Music Garden is a quiet and somewhat secluded area for an urban proposal.

Toronto Islands - Just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto, proposing on the shores of the Toronto Islands with a panoramic view of the city’s skyline can be an unforgettable moment—and a full day experience complete with biking, strolling, and lounging on the beach.

CN Tower - The CN Tower might seem overly touristy for a marriage proposal, but we’re suggesting something a little different. Not only is the CN Tower the city’s most definitive landmark, but it now also offers couples the EdgeWalk, a harnessed walk around the roof for an adrenaline-filled proposal.

High Park - Toronto’s favorite park is a lovely natural setting for a spring or summer proposal. With winding pathways, sloping gardens, hiking trails, and ponds, there are countless options for popping the question while surrounded by picturesque romance, and Grenadier Pond is especially scenic at sunset.

Casa Loma - For a regal and romantic proposal setting, there’s no better spot than Casa Loma. Toronto’s only castle is a labyrinth of towers and intricately decorated rooms and suites, stables, and tunnels. The grounds feature a beautiful garden that is resplendent in spring and summer, and the conservatory fountain is a particularly romantic proposal spot.

Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Rolling down from the pine-clad massifs of the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope ranges to meet the sparkling blues of the Black Sea, Bulgaria offers everything from sun-kissed beaches to enthralling historical narratives, buzzing party towns to snow-shrouded ski resorts between its borders. In this guide to the  best places to visit in the country, we take a look at all the major hotspots that should be on anyone’s Bulgarian bucket list this year.

Seven Lakes - One of Bulgaria’s main tourist attractions is a group of glacial lakes located high in the Rila Mountains. The appropriate time to visit the lakes is in the summer months, as even in June the lakes can be frozen, with the terrain alternating between deep snow drifts and patches of brilliant wildflowers.

Veliko Tarnovo - This was the historic capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire between the 12th and 14th centuries, Veliko Tarnovo is located in central Bulgaria and is a popular tourist attraction. The reconstructed Tsarevets fortress bears no resemblance to the medieval palaces of the Bulgarian tsars who ruled from the hilltop until their defeat by the Ottomans in 1393.

Belogradchik - Belogradchik Fortress is a manmade construction set against a stunning outcrop of rocks. The combination is so unique and picturesque, that it seems to have been lifted straight out of a Disney fairytale. What’s even more unique than the fortress is the surrounding countryside.

The Black Sea Beaches - A good place to start is the country’s famous coastline. Bulgaria is known for its Black Sea coastline which has long stretches of sandy beaches dotted with hotels, traditional fishing villages and historical sites. Tourists flock to the glitzier resorts of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, but I personally believe the city beaches in Varna and Burgas are just as beautiful.

Sozopol - One of the oldest towns on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline, Sozopol is a popular fishermen’s village and seaside resort. Located 35 kilometres south of Burgas, Sozopol was known in the 6th century BC as Apollonia, complete with a temple dedicated to Apollo.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Romantic Places to Visit at Toronto, Romance in Toronto

Romantic Places to Visit at Toronto, Romance in Toronto

Next time you treat your special someone to a night on the town (or a day in the city), forget dinner and a movie. Surprise your special one to give a surprise Trip to Toronto. Here You will get the best ideas to impress your lover and make your trip Memorable. For more Visit at http://www.geturtravel.com

Scaramouche Restaurant - Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill, get an excellent dinner at Scaramouche with your special one.

The Host - The Host is the best resautrant in toronto with Traditional Indian cuisine featuring tandoori dishes, with white-linen table service. 

Michael's on Simcoe - Michael's on Simcoe provides the Amazing customer service from Alex our waiter and one of the manager tonight.

ALO RESTAURANT - Alo Restaurant is a French restaurant in Toronto known for its tasting menu served in stylish, serene surrounds atop a Victorian building.

Adega - Adega is a Portuguese restaurant in San Jose, California. In 2016 it became the city's first restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star.

Stelvio - "Stelvio" Toronto is a Northern Italian restaurant is a welcome addition to the Queen Street West food landscape serving authentic.

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Top 10 Islands in Asia, Asia Attractions

Top 10 Islands in Asia, Asia Attractions
Lets explore the islands in Asia, In this summer.Before Visit to Asia, go with the http://www.geturtravel.com


Ko Samui

Koh Rong


Havelock Island

Borneo Island

Ko tao

Tioman Island

Komodo Island

Baros Island

The 15 Most Beautiful Paradise Islands to Visit in Asia, 10 Secret Southeast Asian Islands You Should Know, Top 10 Stunning Islands in Asia That We Can't Stop Looking At, best island in asia for honeymoon island southeast asia list of asia islands best beaches in asia in February asia island hopping unexplored islands in asia top 10 beach resorts in asia.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Bars in Las Vegas, Best Chill Bars in Las Vegas

Bars in Las Vegas, Best Chill Bars in Las Vegas

Looking for a guaranteed fun time? Head to the best bars in Las Vegas solo or with friends, grab a drink and enjoy all that Sin City has to offer. Lets Explore the bars of Las Vegas for the chilling with friends.

Frankie's Tiki Room

Frankie's Tiki Room is a unique combination of south seas exotica and modern primitivism, with just a hint of Las Vegas kitsch. One hundred percent original and deeply rooted in tiki tradition, Frankie's is the place where you can escape to the fantasy any hour of the day or night. Where you can order up your buzz from the menu of exotic rum drinks in the tiki lounge, or enjoy traditional cocktails while gambling at the bar in classic Las Vegas style.

Crown & Anchor

Crown & Anchor is a 24/7 British pub that offers traditional tavern grub and a great selection of beers. Lets enhoy the drink with crown & Anchor Pub.

The Griffin

Calmer and more laid back than most of the party-focused bars in Vegas, The Griffin concentrates on serving up cold beer, great cocktails, and live music. The dark, cool bar is an escape from the desert heat of the city, with low lights and comfy booths for serious lounging. The selections of beer on tap and music in the jukebox are always changing, but they're both always fresh and hip.

Dino's Lounge

No visit to Vegas would be complete without a stop at this dive bar. During the day and early in the week at night, it’s quiet, but things amp up between Thursdays and Saturdays, when karaoke occupies all patrons. The party host is Danny Gee, a fixture of the scene and the man who makes every night a great night. Plus: A rotating roster of restaurants occupy the outdoor shack.

The Best Bars & Pubs in Las Vegas, top Las Vegas Bars & Clubs, Top 10 Unique Bars, Guide to Vegas, Las Vegas Bars, Pubs, Best bars in Las Vegas to grab a drink with friends and have fun.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Best Things to Do in Atlanta, Best Places to Visit in Atlanta

Best Things to Do in Atlanta, Best Places to Visit in Atlanta

Atlanta, capital of Georgia, is in almost all respects the principal center of the American South. The city was originally a military outpost, becoming an early railway junction and rapidly developing into an important commercial town. During the Civil War, it was an important Confederate stronghold and supply base but was reduced to rubble when captured by Union General William Sherman. These events became the setting for Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell's best-selling novel Gone with the Wind, which won her the Pulitzer Prize.

In recent years, Atlanta has become a major economic and cultural center and an important hub of air traffic. Internationally famed businesses, including Coca-Cola and CNN, have their headquarters here. Don't expect to find a romantic southern city, but rather a large and vibrant American city with southern charm and plenty of things to see and do. Its tourist attractions range from the arts to sports and include historic sites, museums, and gardens.


Get active during your Atlanta visit with a trip to Stone Mountain Park where you can see, and walk across, the world’s largest exposed mass of granite. Take a 1.3-mile hike to the top of the mountain for breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline


Zoo Atlanta is one of only four zoos in the United States with Giant Pandas. And – wait for it – we have Giant Panda twin cubs. Twice the fun in Atlanta!


The Fox Theatre was built in the 1920s as the Yaarab Temple Shrine Mosque, with an extremely posh Arabian-themed design. It has had a varied history, with problems during the Great Depression, but has always been a much loved landmark building since its construction. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The interior of the theater has seen considerable restoration work over the years in an attempt to maintain its original elegance, including the repair and restoration of the furniture collection to preserve its 1929 appearance.

Top Things to Do & Places to Visit in Atlanta, Best Things to Do in Atlanta, Top Tourist Attractions – Places to Visit that are Only in Atlanta, places to visit in atlanta georgia places to visit near atlanta places in atlanta places to visit near atlanta usa.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Best Places to Visit in Seoul || Must-Visit Attractions in Seoul ||

Best Places to Visit in Seoul || Must-Visit Attractions in Seoul ||

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, is a huge metropolis where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets. Lets explore all that the city has to offer. Visit the best shopping districts, the top historical sites, and the places with the best views of the city skyline



Lotte World


Banpo Bridge

Must-Visit Attractions in Seoul, Best Places to Visit in Seoul, Top 10 Attractions - Our Top 10 Lists, beautiful places to visit in South Korea.

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